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IklanBandung.com provides users within Bandung area to make free text advertisement in the internet regardless the time and distance. In short, they can advertise any time anywhere, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This will enable you to sell, offer services and search any goods or services you need efficiently. The users will therefore find out how easy it is to insert advertisements on this site and will also figure out that the moment they finish inserting the advertisement it will directly appear on the site. You will not waste your time and money. Because the IklanBandung.com provides many different kinds of categories being able to accessed anywhere, therefore it gives other users who lives outside Bandung region to also insert advertisement or search potential goods and services in IklanBandung.com

Welcome aboard !!  



Based on the fact that IklanBandung.com provides free text advertisement, therefore we would like every users to keep this site accessible, healthy and morally responsible by complying below policies:

  • You understand that all advertisement content being published, any damage or loss occur to the advert writer or other people, both directly or not, are sole responsibility of the person from whom such content originated. 

  • You agree not to use the service to upload any content that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, tortious, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libelous, invasive of another's privacy, hateful, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable to Indonesian law, moral and culture.

  • Attempt to upload any advertisement more than three times a day; make trial advertisement, unclear and unspecified messages, upload the same advert on different categories (inappropriate choosing advert category) and other HTML codes will automatically deleted from this website.

The advertisement that violate those above policies will automatically be deleted without any warning.


Any time you find any violation advert content, please report us through our e-mail address





 How to use



Below buttons to operate the advert can be found on the feature menu at the top right corner of this website.


I n f o :

Contains information about what IklanBandung.com is along with how to use method (it is on this page).



Post Ad :

Contains forms to make new advert going to be published. Please follow rules below :

  1. Complete all the forms. Those have to be completely filled out except the telephone number and website (both are optional). Please fill in the password and password confirmation form with exactly identical characters, and then click on the confirmation button.

  2. Advert confirmation will appear next to re-check the upload content. Please click on send button after you finish re-checking all the advert content. After that your advertisement will automatically appear on that very moment. 

  3. If your advertisement is successfully appear on the website, you will receive announcement e-mail from info@IklanBandung.com informing your box number and password which can any time be used to edit or delete your advert.  


Edit Ad :

You can edit or change you advert by previously fill in the box number and password which can be found in the announcement e-mail from info@IklanBandung.com.

Therefore please keep that information confidential (for the box number, you may also check it on your advert which already published on the website).



Delete Ad :

You may delete your advert by previously fill in the box number and password which can be found in the announcement e-mail from info@IklanBandung.com.

Therefore please keep that information confidential (for the box number, you may also check it on your advert which already published on the website).



Search !!  :

You can search any advertisement by filling in these below forms :

  • Keyword : Fill in this space with your searched word. You may fill in more than one word by using SPACEBAR. Example: internet modem.

  • Search in : You can find the key word on the chosen section as you wish. For example, you may choose the box number, sender, title, advert content or all sections at the same time. Attention : box number has to be filled in by numeric character.

  • Search Category : You can find the key word at a certain category or even more at all categories as your wish.

  • Search : This button shows your searching result and the key word will be on in the bold form.


Reply :

Reply button is provided on every published advert. Here the users and other visitors can reply to the advert writer by previously filling in the reply form that contains name, e-mail address, subject and reply message

(ex : the visitor attraction toward certain advert created by certain advert writer)

Note: users are not allowed to reply more than 5 times a day to certain advert writer, this will cause your e-mail be blocked.



Send :

Send button provided on each publishing will enable users to inform certain advert to the usersí friend by previously filling in the form contains your and your friendís names, e-mail addresses (one friend only) and which advert to be informed.

Note: users and advert writers are not allowed to inform certain advert with the same topic to their friends more than 5 times a day, this will cause your e-mail be blocked.




Thank you to IklanBandung.com who has provided a valuable advertisement site for the Bandung users, therefore we can be closer to each other especially through the Internet!

Congratulation! We support you, all the best!!   Akhmad T.S.


Thank you IklanBandung.com! After I made my cellular phone advertisement on your site, later on in the afternoon at the same day I had already been contacted by person who was interested in my advert.

The next day we arranged a meeting and I successfully sold my cellular phone in high price. Bravo... IklanBandung.com!    Andri M.


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